Keeping Your Company Visible During the COVID-19 Crisis

There is no doubt that we’re going through some tough times right now. In the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all experiencing the challenges this worldwide crisis has inflicted on our daily lives, businesses and the global economy. 

Historically, businesses begin to cut every non-essential cost during a recession in order to conserve cash through the economic downturn, from reducing inventory and supplies to halting product development. Oftentimes marketing and public relations are among these first line items to go – but should they be?

Not so fast.

Nothing can cause more concern and lack of momentum among investors, customers and the business world than a “start and stop” approach to PR.  First your company is on the radar and then it’s gone.  A much savvier approach is to employ practical ways to stay visible.  Therefore, customers remain confident and company momentum continues.

Smart PR is the answer.  Outsourced projects, leveraging re-usable content, capitalizing on trends, humanitarian and pandemic related, using thought leadership tactics like placed editorial, virtual media communications and other cost-effective programs can help keep your business in the limelight during the ongoing pandemic.

No need to disappear off the grid when plenty of innovation can help your business utilize PR to stand above the crowd and display a drive to succeed.  That is guaranteed to inspire confidence in your customers and the market.

Smart Marketing: Repurposing Content

Time is a precious commodity, which is why one huge benefit—maybe the hugest—of repurposing content is the time it can save you in the content creation process.

If you invest heavily in content creation, you should be thinking how many different ways it can be promoted. Generally, companies spend lopsided portions of their budgets on content creation and far too little time actually promoting the content that they create.  And there are so many ways to utilize it.

Repurposing a piece of content can be a great way to breathe new life into old work. You went to all the trouble to research, craft, and promote the content in the first place—you have to make sure that you get as much out of it as you can. 

When you repurpose a piece of content you’re doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content, and/or changing the target audience for the content.

Why Is Content Repurposing Important?

The #1 benefit of repurposing content is that it makes content MUCH easier to scale.

In other words: you don’t need to write every post, shoot every video and design every infographic from scratch.

Instead, you can use a piece of new content as the basis for press releases, articles, posts, videos, social media posts, webinars and more.

There are many benefits in addition to the time management and efficiency of repurposing content.  Some include.

  • Get an SEO boost. Multiple pieces of content around the same topic can generate additional opportunities to target a desired keyword.
  • Reach a new audience. In many cases, your original piece of content may have only been seen by one group of customers or influencers.
  • Reinforce your message. The more the message gets out, the better audiences understand what your company is doing.
  • Gain extra authority with multiple viewings. 

With so many resource and time demands, it is smart to repurpose valuable content.  You’ll be amazed with the results of morphing good content to attract a new audience.