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B2B Inbound Marketing Quick Start Guide

We’re several years into the era of “Marketing 2.0” and I’m still surprised at the number of B2B technology companies that have not modernized their marketing approach. Just take a look at the websites of so many technology companies, small and large, and it clearly looks like they are stuck in the early 2000’s – […]

What Burger King and Microsoft have in Common: A Customer Centric Approach to Product Marketing

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Webex with CompuCom. I was actually impressed. Their presentation on Microsoft licensing was excellent. They had all of the elements of Microsoft’s latest licensing options packaged together in a consistently formatted, modular structured, and seamlessly flowing presentation. Several different SME’s presented each module, including one presenter from […]

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When Events Begin to Stream

Robert Richardson is director of the Computer Security Institute, GoCSI.com. The CSI Filter virtual conference takes place on April 8 at www.CSIfilter.com. A security event not long ago pointed to a different direction for conference events. This was Shmoocon, a hacker conference that was well, a hacker conference. It’s casual, there’s guys with ponytails…it’s not […]

Corporate Social Media Done Right: 5 Lessons Learned

Robert Mullins is a freelance technology writer in Silicon Valley. His writing can be found at his Robert Mullins blog. To tweet or not to tweet? That is the business dilemma. Some companies see value in embracing social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the like as a new way to connect with […]