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OK, ok, it’s true.  Yes, you need a social media strategy even if you’re a B2B technology company. Although B2B still lags behind in social media use compared to consumer companies, we’ve reached that point where it can’t be ignored in any segment.  The key is to establish a social media plan that supports your company’s core marketing objectives and is inline with overall goals – then you can craft an effective program that incorporates one or many of the available social media tactics that make the most sense for your business.

A good social media strategy will help your company:

  1. Increase unique traffic to your core website or desired web page
  2. Convert anonymous traffic to potential customers by promoting premium content to visitors from social media sites
  3. Create buzz, promote viral groundswell and increase brand recognition for your company

Here are a few of the various programs and tactics to consider as part of your social media mix:

  • Blogging – although now very popular and competitive, corporate blogs represent an ideal venue for posting thought leadership views as well as an additional place to post company news, events and other important info
  • Microblogging – Clearly Twitter has emerged as the leading microblogging site and it’s worth the effort to build a quality list of followers and use the channel to broadcast company news, events and other industry commentary
  • Social Networking – While the verdict is still out on Facebook as to its viability as an effective B2B social media channel, more companies are finding innovative ways to leverage the channel. Meanwhile, LinkedIn remains a favorite for B2B marketers as a way to develop mini-communities and participate in industry discussion and position themselves as thought leaders.
  • Social Press – Media 2.0 is all about the online conversation and blogger mentions.  A successful social media program will include updating all influential bloggers on a regular basis about all new thought leadership and new products
  • Bookmarking/Tagging – it’s now all about content marketing.  The more places you can post good content – or have others share your content, the better off you’ll be. Delicious, Digg, Sphinn, Reddit, and Friendfeed are just a few of the more popular bookmarking sites.
  • Online Video – we’ve been saying it for years now, we’re in a video revolution and it’s the future of digital marketing.  And now, for online video posting, YouTube is not the only game in town with sites like Tom’s ITPro.com, InfoSecIsland.com and ITExpertVoice.com popping up daily.
  • Photosharing – Photosharing through sites like photobucket.com represents yet another channel to post content and generate links back to your core site.  Encourage employees to share any interesting and relevant photos from industry events with links back to blog and the website.
  • Podcasting – here’s a great channel for re-purposing valuable recorded content like webinars, interviews and phone conferences.
  • Presentation sharing – the use of Slideshare enables you to post presentations (again, another opportunity for thought leadership and content marketing) with links back to your core site

Bottom line… there’s a robust selection of social media programs to help promote your company on the Internet.  The key is a good social media strategy that provides the right mix of programs based on your company’s overall goals and objectives.