Wondering where to find the best insight on B2B marketing for the high tech space?

We were, too. There’s a proliferation of sometimes contradictory information and hype on new 2.0 success tactics for mass marketing, but little to be found in the way of online communities and documented marketing best practices specifically geared for B2B high tech companies.

That’s what drove us to create the Persuasive Marketing Blog.

We wanted a place to share our observations, and learn from the wider community. Our team of experts – which includes marketing strategists, PR veterans, tech journalists, market analysts, IT experts, even those out in the trenches implementing B2B marketing programs on the client side, and more – will contribute their thoughts on key happenings in the B2B high tech market. We want to generate dialogue with movers and shakers in the industry.

That will include new ideas and viewpoints, best practices, questions and concerns. We want to talk about the challenges our clients – start ups, mid stage companies and even established players – are facing. We’ll ponder the everyday pain points (like how to demonstrate marketing ROI) to the big strategic hurdles (like winning buy-in from management to commit more investment in marketing).

Most importantly, we want to make the Persuasive Marketing Blog an open and active community of participants – expanding well beyond the Attain Marketing team and highlighting commentary from companies grappling with marketing issues (and their history of success and failure).

Feel free to comment – agree, disagree, weigh in with a new viewpoint – let’s get the B2B high tech marketing community talking!