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Attain isn’t your average agency. We are your partner for success.

Our clients tend to think of us as extensions of their own marketing teams. And the level of trust engendered by that kind of thinking shows – in the work we do and success that we help them achieve.

What clients say about us…

“The Attain team is fantastic in a start up environment as they know how to get huge results on a start-up budget. The results they drove in press coverage, creative approaches to air cover for a small company and analyst relations were world class.”

“Thanks to Attain our web site traffic has more than tripled and we have heightened interest in our products and services from companies in our target industries, including Fortune 500 leaders and high profile government agencies – our business development team is ecstatic.”

“We turned to Attain to tap its expertise and network of contacts with the most widely known and respected analyst and media outlets covering information security. They knew our market cold and quickly spearheaded an aggressive communications campaign that greatly increased Bharosa’s visibility – a key factor that contributed to our acquisition by Oracle.”

“Attain consistently delivered great results for Certicom. By connecting Certicom with larger industry trends and media hot topics, and by successfully engaging third party support for marketing campaigns, Certicom was transformed in perception from a relatively unknown OEM encryption provider to a leading provider of wireless security and media darling.”

“Attain helped us carry out several highly targeted public relations campaigns that brought us in contact with some of the industry’s most influential media and analysts. In addition, they provided extensive guidance in the selection of a new target market that yielded greater product traction and increased sales opportunities.”

“Attain helped us launch a multi-faceted brand reinvigoration campaign that gave new life to our product brand as well as enabled us to extend our reach into new markets.”

“Attain has experience working with technology companies and has demonstrated their ability to apply their business acumen to developing powerful sales tools. The Attain team understands our market landscape and what we need to do to grow mindshare.”

“Not only has Attain helped our company gain visibility in a crowded market space, but they’ve helped us to educate the market and define us as a market leader. I consider Attain an extension of my marketing team because they truly understand our business and share our passion for achieving and maintaining our leadership position.”

How can we help you?

Strategy and Planning

Define and understand the critical marketing factors that cultivate success.

Public Relations
Public Relations

Earn media recognition to amplify your influence and shape markets.

Social Media
Social Media

Engage audiences and become part of the conversation to innovate and excel.


Inform and inspire audiences with visual and expertly written content.