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Attain helps companies better define and understand the critical marketing factors that cultivate success.

From day one, we immerse ourselves in your business, challenges, team, technology, customers, market and competitors to learn what makes your company tic. We absorb ourselves in your world so that your vision becomes our vision. You can expect us to devote our energy and creativity into developing a winning strategy to not only achieve, but exceed your business goals.

Market Research

Successful marketing starts with a clear understanding of company goals, market conditions, competitive landscape and target audiences. From market analysis to audience profiling, our research teams collect the data and extract the key insights that are invaluable for strategic planning.

Positioning & Messaging

A positioning platform that clearly and consistently communicates to target audiences – who you are, what you do and why it matters – is foundational to marketing success. Potential customers will not buy what they cannot name or frame. We help companies stand out from the crowd and be heard by presenting product and service offerings in understandable terms, using a value proposition that customers actually care about.

Strategic Planning

We transform insights into succinct strategies to help you better understand the key tactics, milestones and outcomes that drive marketing success. We know how to skillfully employ integrated and consistent PR and marketing programs – that combine creativity with smart strategy – to deliver the results you expect.