• Public Relations

    Engage key influencers to claim and defend a leading position.

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We transform start-ups into industry leaders. We help industry leaders amplify their influence and shape markets.

We are technology savvy, proven PR performers who understand market dynamics, influences, technologies and audiences without any handholding. Having helped scores of technology companies tell their story, our seasoned PR professionals have unmatched access to the most important high-tech influencers and are among its most respected industry sources.

Media & Analyst Relations

We know how to position technology products and services, both market-ready and still in development, to engage the interest of editors and leading opinion-makers. In the new media age, the principles of strong communications haven’t changed, but the rules of engagement are evolving.

Attain can help you grow mindshare and forge impactful alliances with key influencers by using a strategic combination of:

  • Press and analyst briefings
  • Blogger relations
  • Multi-media press releases
  • Media monitoring
  • Media training

Thought Leadership Programs

Spokespeople that share meaningful insights on key market challenges, needs and solutions in customer-centric terms often become highly sought after industry resources. We help companies develop the communications platform they need to engage key influencers and shape industries. In turn our clients reap the rewards of increased media coverage, improved lead generation results and shortened sales cycles.

Attain can help establish your thought leadership position, whether you’re an industry veteran or rising star, through a focused mix of:

  • Industry and business award programs
  • White papers, bylined articles and op-eds
  • Company-sponsored survey campaigns
  • Speaker placement programs
  • Special events

Customer Reference Programs

A great customer reference is invaluable. When customers talk favorably about you, they send a free, targeted message that immediately validates the credibility of your company, making it easier for you to secure media coverage and close sales. And where others have tried and failed to engage customers, we succeed by working with sales, partners and support teams to identify key targets and crafting the win-win value proposition needed to earn customer participation.

Whether you are a new company with a handful of customers or established market leader, Attain can help you deepen customer connections and build an arsenal of:

  • Case studies
  • Customer testimonials
  • Press and analyst references
  • Bylined articles
  • User generated content

“Attain is highly professional and capable, just as you’d hope and expect they’d be. But there’s more: Lorraine is a top thinker when it comes to public relations. In particular, she has a knack for taking young companies, finding the strength of their message, and finding high-yield ways to get the newly honed message out into the world.”

Lorraine—and her business, Attain—has a strong understanding of how to effectively position client organizations for market recognition. She is able to identify and leverage business partner relationships to lend credibility and add value to her clients’ solution and message.