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Deeply engage with and listen to customers in ways that deliver extraordinary insights.

The era of the one-sided hard sell is over. What’s required now is an open dialogue between company and buyer. Transparency and trust are key in today’s environment. Your buyers want (and in fact, demand) to hear directly from you. Attain can help you create and participate in active and productive conversations with target audiences online.

Blogging & Micro-Blogging

Blogging and micro-blogging can be extremely valuable to your company. In fact, your corporate blog has the potential to become one of the most powerful channels in your marketing lineup, if done correctly. Attain can help you build a corporate blog and micro-blogging strategy that will help you engage your customers in a two-way conversation and demonstrate that you are listening and addressing the issues that are most important to them.

Attain’s can help you build a meaningful dialogue with your key audiences through a focused mix of:

  • Corporate blog strategy and site development
  • Content development and management services
  • Blog promotion, micro-blogging and bookmarking

Social Network Community Building

Sure social networks are all the rage, but we don’t believe in social media just for the sake of social media. Your time is a precious commodity. You don’t have time to spend on the wrong social network, courting disengaged audiences. To derive business value from social media, you need to know where, when and why your target audiences create and consume content online. Attain can help you find the best ways to engage key audiences in the right environments, at the right time, with the right messages.

From Twitter and YouTube to LinkedIn, Attain can help you interact with customers and key influences through a strategic combination of:

  • Social network strategy and channel development
  • Discussion thread monitoring and community engagement
  • Online surveys, videos and viral marketing programs
  • Social identity management

Content Optimization, User Generated Content and Sharing

The collective influence of consumers is widening. An increasing number of people are participating in online conversations – sharing opinions and influencing purchasing decisions (explicitly or implicitly) – as part of their daily routine. Attain can help you optimize your content (Websites, blogs, press releases, newsrooms, and more) so that it becomes easier for users to discover and share your content with extended online communities.

With the effective use of tags, keywords, social bookmarking sites and micro-blogging services, Attain can improve the “linkability” of your content, boosting search engine results and allowing content to be more readily included in relevant blogs, social networks, video blogs and podcasts.