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Interview with Jennifer Vancini, Business Development Strategist

Today we’re thrilled to be chatting with Jennifer Vancini, the acting General Manager of US Operations for the Symbian Foundation, about the role marketing plays in the successful execution of a business development plan. Jennifer has over 15 years of experience leading strategic business development initiatives and alliances from genesis to maturity. Her experiences include […]

Top 10 PR No-nos, Part II

Robert Mullins is a freelance technology writer in Silicon Valley. You can find him online at his Robert Mullins blog. In my last post, I ticked off five ways PR people can tick off journalists. Now here are the other five, as collected by the Bad Pitch Blog: 5. You’ll be sorry. This hasn’t happened […]

Interview with Gene Kathol: Thought Leader and Financial Services Veteran

As a follow-on post to our Thought Leadership 101 blog, we’ve asked Gene Kathol, a respected financial services veteran, to discuss how companies can utilize participation in industry standards activities to increase their visibility and overall market stature. During his 33 year career at First Data, Gene Kathol became one of its most tenured and […]

Traditional PR is Not Dead

The fat lady has yet to sing. In the PR industry we’ve been hearing rumblings of the great shift from the reign of mainstream media to the rule of citizen journalists and social media channels. While we happen to believe that social media has forever changed the landscape of media relations (BTW, a great read […]

Thought Leadership 101

The point of thought leadership is to express a point of view in the context of market conditions. Most companies focus on their products, functions and features. A real opportunity exists for companies that can paint a vision of the key issues, challenges, needs and requirements that truly concern customers. In doing so companies become […]

Content is King

Amid the Roar of Social Network Spam, Good Content Still Rules Tweet, tweet, tweet. Social media sites and associated spam are growing in volume every day as new-bees jump on the social networking bandwagon in hopes of growing their network and making a splash – or at least being heard. The point is that we […]