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Navigating PR Changes in 2024: Tips for Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of public relations (PR), staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As we step into 2024, several trends and shifts are reshaping the PR industry. From emerging technologies to changing B2B business behaviors, companies must adapt and innovate their PR tactics to thrive in this dynamic environment. Here are […]

Why A Corporate Blog Is a PR Strategy Game-Changer

Businesses use Public Relations (PR) to build visibility, enhance their brand reputation and credibility, and establish meaningful connections with customers. Among the various PR tactics available, a corporate blog stands out as a powerful and versatile platform that can significantly improve a company’s overall PR strategy. This post explains why a corporate blog is an […]

Smart Marketing: Repurposing Content

Time is a precious commodity, which is why one huge benefit—maybe the hugest—of repurposing content is the time it can save you in the content creation process. If you invest heavily in content creation, you should be thinking how many different ways it can be promoted. Generally, companies spend lopsided portions of their budgets on […]

Thought Leadership 101

The point of thought leadership is to express a point of view in the context of market conditions. Most companies focus on their products, functions, and features. A real opportunity exists for companies that can paint a vision of the key issues, challenges, needs, and requirements that truly concern customers. In doing so companies become […]