Attain Marketing Associate

Susan KnorrSusan has over 20 years of experience in direct sales and marketing with start-ups, mid-size enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. As a sales and marketing champion, she currently assists companies with business and product launches.

Previously, Susan has held sales and marketing leadership positions at Oracle, Bharosa (acquired by Oracle), Quova , and Quarterdeck.  Prior to Quarterdeck she co-founded Client-Server Technologies, a software network management company (acquired by Central Point Software).

Susan has repeatedly helped companies make the sales/marketing connection to boost revenue in new markets or existing ones.  Susan has extensive experience in local, national, and global sales distribution  (over 100 countries).

Susan also enjoys cooking, swimming, hiking, travel, skin care.  Susan is a board member or contributor to several local and global charity organizations including Aid Africa, Family Promise and local homeless organizations.

Susan holds a BS in Psychology from Tufts University, Medford MA.