Five Basics for a Good Analyst Briefing

Briefing industry analysts is more of a learned art, rather than a formulaic science. The main objective is to connect with the analysts so they understand your company and solution enough to describe it accurately to others. Some of these “others” include journalists and potential customers who may subscribe to an analyst service. While this […]

Gaining Coverage with Placed Editorial During the Holiday Season

Holidays are a great time to do editorial placement campaigns. I just finished pitching a New Year’s pitch that was a whopping success.  While many companies tend to see the holidays as dead air time, some even shutting down their PR efforts altogether, savvy PR folks see huge opportunity. The truth is the time period […]

Use Plain Words to Communicate Your Message

Want to know one of the top keys to copywriting success? It’s one you won’t hear too many pros mention, but it’s super important. To get the reader’s attention, you must make your message clear. Nobody cares how many big words you or I know. In fact, the more complex the subject the more important […]