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High Tech B2B Marketers: Use Placed Editorial to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Results

Content is king, but digital channels are noisy. Even the best marketing assets can get lost in the deluge of AI-generated content. In response, B2B marketers must continually find innovative strategies to enhance online visibility and engage target audiences. Placed editorial content is often an under-utilized marketing tactic that can help your brand stand out. […]

11 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Company Page Followers

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for B2B technology companies to showcase their brand and engage with professionals in their industry. With millions of active users, it offers a wealth of opportunities for marketers to expand their reach and increase their LinkedIn company page followers. In this blog post, we share 11 valuable tips […]

Increase Engagement Through Video Marketing

Facebook now favors video updates in Newsfeeds, and average over 1 billion video views per day. Last year, Buzzfeed scored over a billion video views per MONTH, leading them to launch the new Buzzfeed Entertainment division, led by web video impresario Ze Frank. Listicles are so 2015….video ads are now delivering the hype.  And thanks to […]