Five More Basics for a Successful Analyst Relations Briefing

In a recent post titled “Five Basics for a Good Analyst Briefing,” we looked at some of the key fundamentals for a good analyst briefing.   Today, I bring you five more basics in the list of best practices that you can adopt to ensure your company is putting its best foot forward in its analyst […]

B2B Email Marketing Tips That Work

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques around, but it does have some unique caveats. It can be really effective in increasing awareness, sales, and engagement, but it can actually repel people if it is done the wrong way. It takes a certain amount of finesse to find the right people and […]

Five Basics for a Good Analyst Briefing

Briefing industry analysts is more of a learned art, rather than a formulaic science. The main objective is to connect with the analysts so they understand your company and solution enough to describe it accurately to others. Some of these “others” include journalists and potential customers who may subscribe to an analyst service. While this […]