Traditional PR is Not Dead

The fat lady has yet to sing.

In the PR industry we’ve been hearing rumblings of the great shift from the reign of mainstream media to the rule of citizen journalists and social media channels. While we happen to believe that social media has forever changed the landscape of media relations (BTW, a great read is “Putting the Public back in Public Relations” by Brian Solis and Dierdre Breckenridge), we think the death knell may be more hype than reality.

Through a market research project, Attain Marketing has been in the trenches with senior IT buyers from a wide range of companies, including BofA, Phillips and First Data talking turkey about the IT buying process.

When asked how they first become aware of products and services, 95% of IT buyers interviewed said that trade publications were their number #1 resource. Although many did say they turn to IT peers to hear more about new products on the market, none acknowledged the use of social networking tools or communities as part of this process – right now. Analyst reports also topped the list of influencers, but mainly as part of the validation process.

So, here are some “old school” PR tips that never die:

  • Leverage key relationships with influential analysts and media. Schedule press and analyst “tours” in a 3-6 month cadence around company milestones.
  • Position your company/products around hot current events and submit articles to trade pubs for placement. Here are some good examples: PC World and Wireless Week contributed editorial
  • Always let your customers tell the story: editors are much more willing to write about a customer deployment than your product. Example: SC Magazine
  • Content is king. Journalists are looking for good stories. Period. See previous blog posts: Content is King and Some of My Best Friends are PR Weasels
  • PR campaigns should be integrated with marketing and lead generation efforts for maximum impact

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Every company should evaluate the unique landscape in the market it serves, but usually a blend of the old and new PR strategies is the best recipe for success.

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  1. Meagan
    Meagan says:

    I don’t think traditional PR will ever really go out of style. It is true that social media is merging into some PR tactics, but people still want tradtional PR and that won’t change. A huge part of public relations is dealing with the public and handling public matters for a company or organization. In that case, abandoning tradtional PR efforts wouldn’t help anyone.

  2. Lorraine Kauffman-Hall
    Lorraine Kauffman-Hall says:

    I agree Meagan. Social Media is in the early adoption stage and meanwhile the buyers of software products are reading trade pubs and the likes. Traditional PR will always have a role in a robust and comprehensive PR plan. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Brayden Sanchez
    Brayden Sanchez says:

    actually, lead generation takes some to time to build up. you just got to be patient.;.’

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